Does Your Pool Need New Tile?

Does Your Pool Need New Tile?

Discover our pool tile replacement services in the Fort Worth, TX area, and Cleburne & Cresson, TX and Hood County

When you renovate your pool, you will often find cracked or missing tiles. The team at Good Times Pool Company is trained to replace or repair tile with the utmost care. We'll restore your pool and make it look its best. Even if you don't have decorative tile, your pool contractor can add them during a routine remodel. Tile adds a classy new look to your pool and is a great way to dress up an older pool.

Ask about pool tile repairs today when you contact your pool contractor in Fort Worth,Cleburne and Cresson, TX and the Hood County area.

The many reasons pool tiles will break

Over time, your pool may develop cosmetic issues, such as broken or missing tiles. There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes, it's simply due to age. Pool tiles can also break or fall off due to:

  • Ground movement
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Cracked decking
  • Adobe or expansive soil conditions
  • Leaks or cracks behind the tile
  • An improperly buttered bond beam

Your pool contractor can evaluate your pool for these issues during your remodel.

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