Give Your Pool a New Look

Give Your Pool a New Look

Have you considered deck overlays in Cleburne or Fort Worth, TX or the Hood County area?

If you're looking to improve your pool deck without tearing it out, then call Good Times Pool Company and ask about deck overlays. It's a system of covering old or damaged concrete to improve the appearance and function without tearing out the old concrete. Deck overlays can be sprayed or troweled onto most surfaces and will add a unique flair to your pool deck in very little time. We install only the best products from and to give you the deck you deserve!
Ask your pool contractor if your pool deck could benefit from a deck overlay. We serve the Fort Worth, TX area, including Cleburne and Cresson, TX and Hood County.

How can a deck overlay improve my concrete deck?

A deck overlay can provide resistance to salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure and freezing or thawing cycles. This limits the damage caused by these things. It can add slip resistance for safety or simply add some beauty to a boring, gray, concrete deck. Some systems even allow for stamping and stenciling for the look of imprinted stone.

Call 817-501-4819 to discuss your new deck overlay in Cleburne or Fort Worth, TX or the Hood County area.