Prevent Structural Damage to Your Pool

Prevent Structural Damage to Your Pool

Turn to a pool contractor serving the Fort Worth, TX area and Cresson, Hood County, and Cleburne, TX

Pool mastic is a crucial seal that protects your pool foundation from cracking. If you neglect it, you could find yourself dealing with substantial damage.

To avoid costly repairs, turn to Good Times Pool Company for mastic repair services in Fort Worth, TX, Hood County, Cleburne or surrounding areas. Our pool contractor will be able to locate any damage and provide the appropriate repairs.

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When should you replace your pool mastic?

Good Times Pool Company wants to help you maintain your pool in the Cresson, TX area so you can enjoy it for years to come without spending big bucks on repairs.

Signs that you may need mastic repair include:

  • Pool tiles falling off
  • Cracks in your deck
  • Rising in your deck
  • Changes in your concrete

Don't try to make DIY repairs. You could end up doing even more damage to your pool. Call a skilled pool contractor in Cresson, TX today. We serve Cleburne, Forth Worth, and the entire Hood County area.