Is the Water Level In Your Pool Always Low?

Is the Water Level In Your Pool Always Low?

Find out why with pool leak detection in the Fort Worth, TX area, including Cresson, Hood County or Cleburne, TX

It can be difficult to spot a pool leak yourself. And just because your water level looks lower than usual doesn't mean you have a leak. Wind, humidity and sunlight can impact your water levels.

It's always best to turn to an experienced pool contractor serving the Fort Worth, TX, Cleburne, TX and Hood County areas for pool leak detection services. When you call Good Times Pool Company, we'll come out and inspect your pool to look for the signs that would indicate a leak.

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4 key signs you have a pool leak

If your pool deck is sinking, you might be dealing with a leak. Don't wait until the leak gets worse before you call Good Times Pool Company.

Other signs that you may have a pool leak include:

  • Losing a ΒΌ inch of water on a daily basis
  • Cracks in or around your pool decking
  • Having to add water more than once a week
  • Puddles of water in the grass around your pool

Our pool contractor in Cresson, TX will perform the necessary tests to locate a leak and repair it quickly. Call now to learn more about the pool services we offer to residents of Hood County, Cleburne, Forth Worth or surroundings.